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Integrating Duo Security with F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager

Duo Security integrates into F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager as a full featured two factor authentication solution and offers inline self-enrollment and an interactive, user-friendly login experience that enables the user to select from a wide...

Demystifying iControl REST Part 3 - How to pass query parameters and tmsh options

iControl REST. It’s iControl SOAP’s baby, brother, introduced back in TMOS version 11.4 as an early access feature but released fully in version 11.5. Several articles on basic usage have been written on iControl REST (see the resources at the...

LogJams, DHE Parameters, and Other Obstacles to TLS Excellence

If you're presently volunteering to wear the hat of “SSL/TLS Vulnerability Manager”, then you’ve come to the realization that patching one vulnerability often raises others. In wake of revelations about mass surveillance, many of us moved...

F5 in AWS Part 1 - AWS Networking Basics

If you work in IT, and you haven’t been living under a rock, then you have likely heard of Amazon Web Services (AWS).  There has been a substantial increase in the maturity and stability...

I trust Certificate Authorities, but I have no idea why

I’ve seen statistics that claim between 40% and 60% of all sites on the Internet use encryption to protect their web application traffic.  Regardless of the true number (which changes on a daily basis), it’s fair to say that encryption is a...

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VMworld2015 – The Preview Video

I give a preview of VMworld 2015 happening August 30 – Sept 3 in San Francisco. Along with the expected 23,000 attendees, F5 will be present in Booth 1513 to help you realize all the virtual possibilities of the Software Defined Data Center. ‘Ready for Any’ is the #VMworld theme for 2015 and F5 is ready for any of your questions about virtualization and cloud technologies. ps Related: VMWorl...

Programmability in the Network: Filtering Favicons

There’s really an unlimited number of ways in which programmability in the network (data path scripting) can solve problems, address risk, and simplify architectures. In the area of DevOps it can be used to facilitate continuous delivery (CD) initiatives by supporting the implementation of a variety of architectures like Blue/Green, Canary, and even A/B testing patterns. In the network, where...

Whiteboard Wednesday: TMM and Host OS Processing

In this edition of WhiteBoard Wednesday, Jason discusses the different ways in which TMM and the Host OS utilize resources, process traffic, and handle routing. Resources Management Interface Routing (9.x - 10.x) Management Interface Routing (11.x) Overview of BIG-IP TMM CPU and RAM usage (9.x) Overview of BIG-IP TMM CPU usage (10.x - 11.x) Base OS

Node.js ABC’s - M is for Modules

As any one who has created a software system can tell you, after some point you get to a point in time where putting all your code in one big location becomes unmanageable and leads to maintenance issues.  The logical first step is to try to separate code that is related into smaller distinct entities and "include" them in the project in question.  But, what happens if two...

HTTP/2 : quels sont les nouveautés et les gains ?

Depuis le 15 Mai 2015 - date de la ratification de la RFC 7540 - HTTP/2 est officiellement devenu le nouveau standard du Web.  Il faut dire qu’après 16 ans de bons et loyaux services remplis par HTTP1.1, cette mise à jour était très attendue pour répondre aux besoins du web d’aujourd’hui. En effet, les dernières tendances montraient un accroissement...

Our Five Senses on Sensors

Aristotle (384 - 322 BC) is credited as the first person to classify our five sense organs: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing and Immanuel Kant, a famous philosopher from the 1700s said that our knowledge of the outside world depends on our modes of perception. Our highly developed organs of the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and the skin on your hand provide the sensing equipment necessary to...

“Phishing you say, well that’s not my problem.”

Yes, I heard this at a meeting with the CISO of a well-known establishment just the other day. This was a commonly held belief, just a few years ago, and by many that are now eating crow. When do you recognize that Phishing is ‘Your’ problem and could be a costly one at that to ignore?  Efforts to help customers and employees learn how to self-protect and not become victims of deception...

Troubleshooting Lync/Skype for Business Reverse Proxy

     At F5’s Agility conference, I spoke briefly about troubleshooting Lync/Skype for Business Reverse Proxy at the request of our support people.  Regardless if you deploy Lync/Skype via iApps or manually define your BIG-IP elements, there’s rumbling suspicion of witchcraft around how this works.  Well settle down there Salem.  Looking at support call metrics, we...

Agility Australia set for success

With less than 24 hours to go before we officially kick-start Agility Australia in Melbourne, preparations are fast under way to ensure this year is its most successful year to date. Agility Australia is the local version of F5 Agility, which is an annual global event for F5 leaders, customers, and partners to share how its latest solutions are transforming what’s possible for today’s...


This blog is adapted from the original post here.  企業組織採納雲端技術可以帶來許多不可否認的效益,包括成本節省、商務敏捷性、以及讓使用多種運算裝置的員工們達到更好的生產力。根據IDC所做的第五個年度終端使用者調查,亞太區資訊長(CIO)在2013年增加50%的雲端服務與技術支出,達到75億美元。再者,他們對於要使用何種類型的雲端模式以及要在雲端之上執行何種工作負荷,也都有必較特定的選擇。IDC在最近的Vendor Spotlight報告中指出,此一轉移趨勢提高了複雜化的層級,特別是在應用管理方面,包括應用該駐留在什麼地方以及管理人員是否有能力可以確保維護適當的安全性和網路成長。 儘管有著那麼多正面效益,但關鍵在於有一項致命且牽動所有層面的負面因素,阻礙企業朝雲端轉移 -...

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