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Poorly-Defined Networking is hindering SDN's evolution

There’s nothing software-defined about your network! Every time I see the term ‘software-defined network’ I cringe. A network isn’t software-defined. Sure, it can be operationalized – virtualized, made more intelligent, agile – but that’s the result of an “architectural approach” called software-defined networking. Repeat for effect: SDN is an architectural approach towards which one may...

The evolution of F5's integration with Cisco ACI

On Tuesday the 27th of January we announced the introduction of F5's BIG-IQ management platform to our Cisco APIC integration - the original integration being direct between APIC and the F5 application delivery controller (ADC). On Wednesday the 28th of January I shared a customer video explaining the importance of the BIG-IQ integration and what our partnership with...

MWC 2015 – That’s a Wrap!

I wrap it up from Mobile World Congress 2015. Thanks to you for watching and thanks to our guests this week including Frank Yue, Jonathan George, Peter Nas, Ron Carovano, Richard Duncan, Misbah Mahmoodi and a very special Mahalo to F5 CEO John McAdam! Certainly a personal and professional highlight of mine interviewing John. Also thanks to Lars, Michelle and Jonathan for their camera work –...

아시아태평양지역 클라우드의 현주소 – 세 번째

Please find the English language post from which this was adapted here. 아시아태평양지역 클라우드의 현주소 – 세 번째 이 글은 아시아태평양지역에서의 클라우드에 대하여 살펴보는 시리즈의 세 번째 글이다. 이 글에서는 지역 내 클라우드의 현주소, 클라우드가 어떻게 사용되고 있는지, 무엇이 클라우드가 더 확산되는 것을 막고 있는지, 그리고 클라우드가 어떻게 혁신을 위해 사용될 수 있는지에 대해 알아볼 것이며, 또한 FSI (금융 및 증권업계)에서의 클라우드에 대해서도 점검해 보겠다. 본 시리즈의 전편에서 우리는 아시아태평양지역 내 클라우드의 현 상황과 기업들이 실제로 클라우드를 어떻게 사용하고 있는지에 대해 살펴보았다. 이...

Why an Empty Glass is like a Key Mobile Service Provider Technology

"Speedy Gonzales (1955 short)" by Source (WP:NFCC#4) #MWC15 I was at a restaurant with some colleagues after the day of Mobile World Congress events today in Barcelona. Unfortunately, all the Spanish I learned was from the Warner Bros Speedy Gonzales cartoons. The people of Barcelona are great and most of them have a superb command of the English language. While we were ordering an...

Mitigating Unwanted Communication On Your Service Network

With so many new and varied devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, and tablets accessing a service provider network, with a 2.9 device per-person average worldwide according to a Sophos survey, it’s no wonder there is Operator concern with supporting only desired and approved communication. And with the total number of devices growing to 5 per internet user by 2017 according...

How you integrate network services matters

This post is cross-posted at https://blogs.cisco.com/datacenter/how-you-integrate-network-services-matters Polymorphism is a concept central to object-oriented programming. The notion of polymorphism is used to extend the capabilities of a basic object, like a mammal, to specific implementations, like cats or dogs or honey badgers, even though they don't care about such technica...

Getting FREAK-y with BIG-IP

Since it’s been about 3 months since POODLE, we’re clearly overdue for another major vulnerability in SSL and/or TLS. Fortunately for us, the research team at SmackTLS has released details of the FREAK attack (aka OpenSSL CVE-2015-0204). We can test whether our browsers are vulnerable here, and we can read cryptographer Matthew D. Green’s excellent summary of the attack mechanism on his...

Evaluating the Impact of New Devices

Given this year’s MWC theme is “The Edge of Innovation”, it’s no wonder that several new mobile phone made their debut this week—accompanied by a slew of new capabilities aimed at grabbing both analyst and subscriber attention. Microsoft announced two new smartphones, the Lumia series and the Windows 10. Jolla launched their version of the smart phone and the first Jolla Tablet will start...

MWC 2015 – The Mobile Revolution with F5 CEO John McAdam

John McAdam, F5 President & CEO talks about what the mobile revolution means to F5. John discusses how mobile technology is driving innovation, why the need for intelligent application traffic management is critical, how F5 is in the sweet spot for the explosion of mobile data traffic and why Mobile World Congress is attracts so many executives from around the world. If you only watch one...

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