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MWC 2015 – Threats to Mobile Carrier Networks (feat George)

Jonathan George, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, talks about the various threats that can occur on a carrier network. Mobile devices are becoming a hot target for malicious attacks and users may not be aware that they have potentially become part of a botnet. And it is not just mobile devices, as IoT grows, your refrigerator could potentially participate in a DDoS attack. Jonathan focuses on...

MWC 2015 – NFV for Service Providers (feat Yue)

Frank Yue, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, discusses Network Function Virtualization and how service providers are deploying it within their infrastructures. Frank talks about the relation to SDN, the functionality it provides SP’s, the NFV components, the importance within a carrier network and how F5 helps steer and scale the huge growth in mobile traffic.   ps Related Mobile World...

Optimizing IoT and Mobile Communications with TCP Fast Open

There's a lot of focus on the performance of mobile communications given the incredible rate at which mobile is outpacing legacy PC (did you ever think we'd see the day when we called it that?) usage. There's been tons of research on the topic ranging from the business impact (you really can lose millions of dollars per second of delay) to the technical mechanics of how mobile...

#MWC15 GUEST BLOG: Optimising and Monetizing the Network

In Dr. Mallik Tatipamula’s second guest blog he discusses how networks will have to adapt to cope with IoT.  Mallik is VP, Service Provider and Cloud Solutions at F5.  This article highlights another of the main themes that F5 will be talking about this week at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. On the face of it, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a fantastic development:...

F5預測 : 行動支付將超越主流

Please find the English language post from which this was adapted here. IDC調查指出,全球使用中的智慧型電話將在2017年達到15億支。消費者將比以往更加頻繁使用他們的智慧型電話。因此,越來越多企業了解必須提供快速且無縫接軌行動支付能力的重要性,以便吸引那些希望隨時隨地以自己選擇的方式進行交易的消費者。 成長中的趨勢 Gartner 的 "Forecast: Mobile Payment, Worldwide, 2013 Update"...

Why Getting to Mobile World Congress needs TCP Optimization

#MWC15 I just arrived in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, the premiere mobile industry event. This year, they expect up to 100,000 exhibitors and customers to attend the event, up from over 70,000 last year. I took three flights taking over 18 hours to get here. My flights were packed with other attendees all trying to get here like me. I had a significant delay at one point because the...

MWC 2015 - Find F5

I show you how to find F5 booth G11 in Hall 5 of Grand Via 2 for Mobile World Congress (View the map). With close to 90,000 attendees, #MWC15 is a huge show and the theme is The Edge of Innovation. Mobile technology is pushing this innovation and F5 has the solutions to help service providers optimize their networks, monetize new services and of course, secure every layer. You also get a sneak...

Node.js HTTP Message Body: Transfer-Encoding and Content-Length in LineRate lrs/virtualServer Module

Summary: (refer to AskF5 solution article 15884) In the LineRate scripting environment we consult the Content-Length header of HTTP messages entering the system (see the LineRate Developer Scripting Guide under the topic "Writing Past the Content-Length"). Therefore when performing transformations to an HTTP message body, be it a request or response, we must ensure that if a...

Enhancing Your Subscribers' Quality of Experience (QoE)

Guest blog post by Misbah Mahmoodi, Senior Product Marketing Manager, F5 Networks As a mobile operator, you’ve spent or are about to spend a considerable amount of time and money on upgrading your network to 4G LTE and building out cell towers to ensure that your subscribers have LTE coverage. Great! Job done! Now that you have the fastest network, your subscribers are going to have a great...

F5 Friday: The Value of a Full-Stack Partnership

There's a common movie and television trope (known as the Third Wheel) that revolves around a guy, his girlfriend and either his or her "bestie". You know it - it's the bestie hates girlfriend or boyfriend trope, and it's a common comedic line. Only it's not as funny when it's real and in your data center. Yes, your data center. Only the trope involves your Cisco...

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