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HOT OFF THE PRESSES – VMware and F5 Hands-On-Lab Now Available!

VMware and F5 are proud to announce the availability of one of the first partner-centric labs utilizing VMware’s global Hands-On-Lab infrastructure. In close collaboration with the VMware End User Computing Technical Enablement team, the VMware Alliance team at F5 created this lab to create easy-to-use yet rich technical exercises. This lab will show you the ease of configuration and...

F5 Agility Singapore 2015

  Every year, our Agility conferences travel the world to showcase how F5 and partners empower organizations to harness the latest technologies to overcome business challenges. The flagship series also serve as a forum for industry experts to network and discuss disruptive IT trends. This year, Agility 2015 in Singapore focused on how businesses can innovate new paths to succ...

So, you want to use RSA SecurID with APM’s PCoIP Proxy Module…

Customers who leverage Access Policy Manager (APM) for remote access to VMware Horizon 6 (formerly known as VMware View) typically have some level of two-factor authentication (2FA) as an added layer of authentication. It’s especially important when users may be accessing Horizon resources from untrusted devices or networks.  One challenge I have found, especially when using F5’s VMware...

VMware Fusion Custom Networking for BIG-IP VE Lab

I've used VMware workstation on Windows and Fusion on OS X for quite some time and I'm a big fan of both platforms. That said, the lack of a network settings editor built in to Fusion (I understand it's now available in the Pro version of Fusion) can be more than a little frustrating, particularly if you want a custom experience. Why custom? Well, you just might want to do more...

Disposable Infrastructure for Disposable Apps

Conferences agendas. Event navigation. Specific tasks, like buying a house or getting a car loan. If you've installed an app for any of these things you've installed what's known as a "disposable mobile app" or DMA. Apps designed for a single use-case and with the expectation they'll be "thrown away" like brochures. Deleted until needed again. These apps are...

Openstack Summit, Vancouver – Days 3 & 4 (May 2015)

Here we are in Vancouver, where the one dollar coin is called a “loonie”, and the two dollar coin a ‘toonie’, and the cities international conference center is playing host to the May 2015 OpenStack Summit. We’re finished with the keynote presentations now from Day 1 and Day 2 so… hmmm… I guess I’ll have to think for myself… J Fear, not! There’s plenty going on...

Remediating Logjam: an iRule Countermeasure

#SSL #LOGJAM Professor Matthew Green of John Hopkins announced a weakness in the SSL Protocol and has given it the name Logjam (see weakdh.org). With Logjam, a malicious attacker may get access to the encrypted content of SSL connections that use ephemeral Diffie-Helman (DH) by tricking the server and client to use the 512-bit ephemeral keys. Some servers support a special export mode that...

DNS based failover between AWS Availability Zones and Split DNS

Working in the AWS public cloud; one has to adapt to a world of guaranteed failure at unpredictable times. Utilizing a combination of LTM for HA within a single availability zone and GTM across availability zones and regions provides an architecture to survive the chaos monkeys. The following is part of a demo environment that I built for AWS, it highlights a couple of useful features of...

New F5 Monitoring Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)

Comtrade now offers two flavors of monitoring packs integrating F5 into Systems Center. Last October, Comtrade introduced a Monitoring Pack that took advantage of F5’s BIG-IQ to display BIG-IPs, monitor device and application health and more - all in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager. Now, Comtrade has expanded their offering with a Management Pack that works directly with...

That’s a Wrap from EMEA F5 Agility 2015

Our EMEA video partners at cloud-channel.tv, put together a nice wrap up F5 Agility 2015 from Edinburgh, Scotland. Special thanks to F5’s Manny Rivelo and Cisco’s Ravi Balakrishnan along with King Robert the Bruce, Sir William Wallace and a huge thanks to the many attendees for participating in our videos! And as always, Mahalo to you for watching. Reporting from Scotland, That’s a Wrap! ps...

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