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F5 Threat Analysis: It's a mad, mad, mad, mad ... bot

Madness. It's an aptly named bot, as it's likely to evoke just that reaction in those who find it lurking in their systems or at whom its sets it sights. A disturbing trend illustrated by the focus of our latest threat analysis is the...

DevCentral Top 5: Feb 25, 2015

The articles on DevCentral have been absolutely fantastic as of late.  Understandably, readers can expect to find great F5-related technical content here at DevCentral, but several industry-relevant pieces are also found in this...

Is the Security Skills Shortage Real?

I think the Security Shortage is real. It's not just my opinion, it's shared by nearly every CISO I've ever talked with. But the young guys can't find a job. How do we bridge this gap? Some suggestions to move forward.

Can network infrastructure be immutable infrastructure?

Immutable infrastructure, which I think is more appropriately called disposable infrastructure, has been enjoying a reinvigorated life with the success of Dockers and containerization over the past year. Too, DevOps has played a role in...

Intelligent DNS Animated Whiteboard

DNS will become even more important as additional sensors, monitors, actuators and other 'things' connect to the internet. It helps those devices like refrigerators and automobiles get their updates and helps us people find those things in...

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