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The RSA Conference: What Do You Want To Learn?

RSA is not just a public-key cryptosystem, it’s also the premier security conference in the world.  Let’s face it…Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman know how to take a great thing and expand it into a really great thing!  The RSA Conference ...

You named your products "Good, Better and Best?" What were you thinking?

“Funny … but really, what are the names you’re going to market with?” “I’m not presenting these to my customer. They’re too simple.” And that’s when I knew we’d gotten it right. After all, the objective for licensing is to make it simple...

A Little Love for Ops - the All New BIG-IP Operations Guide

A couple years in the making, the long sought after F5 BIG-IP TMOS: Operations Guide, hence force called the "Manual of Operational Greatness," has arrived! In addition to the great documentation on how to design and deliver traffic...

Getting FREAK-y with BIG-IP

Since it’s been about 3 months since POODLE, we’re clearly overdue for another major vulnerability in SSL and/or TLS. Fortunately for us, the research team at SmackTLS has released details of the FREAK attack (aka OpenSSL CVE-2015-0204). We...

MWC 2015 – How LTE Roaming Works (feat Nas)

Peter Nas, Sr. Solution Architect, explains what happens when the many MWC attendees from all over the world arrive in Barcelona and need to connect their mobile devices to a carrier network. Peter does a great job walking us through what happens...

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Healthcare in the Crosshairs

Is Healthcare the new Target? Recently I've received a number of 'I am writing to inform you that we were the target of a sophisticated cyber attack and some of your personal information may have been accessed by the attackers..' letters for myself and my family. I especially hate the ones that start, 'To the parents of...' because my daughter has a rare genetic condition....

Working with Node.js variable type casts, raw binary data

I recently started writing an application in Node.js that dealt with reading in raw data from a file, did some action on it, then send the data over http connection in HTTP body as multipart/binary. Until now I always dealt with text and strings. Through data validation on bit level I've learned the hard way what creating type mismatches does to variables and how it compromises data...

Operationalizing the network on target with F5 and Chef

Operationalizing the network continues to be a driving force behind DevOps and SDN. The ability to solve real problems using programmability to automate and orchestrate infrastructure provisioning and configuration across the application release process remains the hope for many interested in one or the other - and often times both. A recent Avaya sponsored, Dynamic Markets survey (reg...

30 Best Companies (Calcalist): a placement student at F5 tells his story

F5 was recently (November 2014) recognised as one of the 30 best companies in Israel by Calcalist, the leading financial publication in Israel.  As part of how the award process worked, F5 took on a student, Matan Liberman, from the College of Management Academic Studies, to work with us in Tel Aviv for a few months.  He’s reached the end of his time with F5 now, but here is a video...

Enforcing CORS With LineRate

As the web became more popular web applications became more complex. When the idea of adding a scripting functionality within a web-browser was conceived the security model assumed certain things about what "secure" interaction between the browser and the web server looked like; this led to the "Same Origin Policy" (SOP). The SOP allowed browsers to decide when a script...

Routing HTTP by request headers

Dynamic network routing protocols, like BGP, allows Internet traffic to go from point A to B.  Using iControl REST we can create our own dynamic protocol to route HTTP requests from point 1 to 2. Routing by HTTP request There’s a finite number of IPv4 addresses available and an increasing number of web applications that are being deployed that consume these resources. To help...

ChefConf 2015 – Automate All Your Puns

#chefconf #f5 Chef turns infrastructure into code. It also gives the casual blog writer a terrible temptation to descend into pun-filled drivel. Which would be a shame as the ability to automate and operationalize our infrastructure has never been more relevant. That’s why I’m excited to be attending Chefconf 2015 in Santa Clara. We will be at stand T6 with a number of F5’ers eager to talk...

Beyond Scalability: Achieving Availability

Scalability is only one of the factors that determine availability. Security and performance play a critical role in achieving the application availability demanded by business and customers alike. Whether the goal is to achieve higher levels or productivity or generate greater customer engagement and revenue the venue today is the same: applications. In any application-focused business...

What does the Internet of Things mean for your business and your network?

You’ve heard of the Internet of Things (or Internet of Everything) by now, I’m sure. It’s things like your fridge telling you when you’ve run out of eggs; your shoes telling you how far you’ve travelled; your car keeping you up to date on local traffic so you know which routes to avoid; your house telling you how much water or heating is being used, that kind of thing. For businesses the...

F5 2015 網路世界預測之三 : 雲端並非生而平等

Adapted from What’s new in 2015: consumer hyperawareness, public services going digital, and a shift in the way we view clouds. 雲端重心從促進採納轉向優化   這幾年來,IT產業積極將他們的技術轉移到雲端 -...

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