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DevCentral is where geeks in the F5 community come together to solve problems and figure things out. You won't find marketing materials, sales pitches, or overly starched shirts here. What you will find is code, configurations, and a constantly growing community of 120,000+ like-minded individuals who love building awesome solutions with their F5 gear.

While coding does tickle our techie little hearts, DevCentral is a place to find out what’s new with F5’s extension technologies like iRules, iControl, iApps, tmsh, and more. From a vast array of advanced design and configuration information to customized monitor information and more, DevCentral has just about any advanced F5 technical know-how you might be looking for.

Dive in with other members to share experiences, interests, and knowledge. From the basics to super advanced, Ninja-level challenges, if you have a question or a problem to solve, chances are you’ll find it on DevCentral.


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Articles by the Jedi Masters

Some people know their stuff and they like to write about it. More than 600 articles give insight into just about anything you can think of—from tech tips to fix that problem right now to killer blogs that help you keep your finger on the pulse of the industry, and almost everything else in between. F5 gurus have a lot to say about what works, what doesn’t, what’s possible, and sometimes what’s just fun.


A monster stash of API documentation

This ginormous repository houses all of the official documentation for iRules, iControl, iApps, plus some solid information on tmsh, advanced design and configuration techniques, and more. It also includes the CodeShare, where members join forces to contribute, browse, and reuse code.


Q&A smorgasbord for everything

The discussion nerve center of DevCentral. Ask questions, seek answers, kick around ideas, or frankly, ponder just about anything. With tens of thousands of posts, users have covered a lot of ground. This is a pretty active crowd, so you won’t need to wait long after posting a question.


Downloads galore

Get your hands on all kinds of slick downloads here. There are templates, script editors, quick start guides, iApps, the ever-popular iRules Editor, and tons more super useful tools.


Videos by geeks and for geeks

Videos and podcasts tap into what’s happening on DevCentral and in the industry. Whether it’s user interviews from the road, tech tutorials, or the DevCentral Podcast diving into the Post of the Week, this is geeks talking to geeks about the stuff that matters to us.


Upcoming events

When it’s time to step away from the keyboard, there are community roundtables, interviews, user group meetings in local areas around the world, and lots of other cool things happening all the time. Check out the calendar of events for listings.

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