After 13 years on my Stumpjumper M2 FS Comp, I picked up a new mountain bike last week.  I purchased a 2007 Specialized Stumpjumper Expert.  I've taken a few rides on it and what a difference compared to my old bike!  I rode many different brands and styles of bikes and felt that the Stumpy had the best mix of what I was looking for.  My number 2 choice was the Rocky Mountain Slayer 70 but it didn't feel quite as nimble to me as the Stumpjumper.

My mountain bike riding these days is primarily cross country but I also wanted a bike that could handle the occasional downhill session.

I'll write more about it as I put more miles on the bike.  Right now I'm dialing it in but so far my impression is really positive and it's a ton of fun to ride.

On a separate note, yesterday was the first commute day in a while that had really heavy rain in the morning.  I went back and forth deciding to ride or not and finally went for it.  I figured that if I didn't, it would somehow be easier for me to justify skipping rides throughout the winter due to the weather.  So, I mounted my fenders and lights on my road bike, put on my rain gear and hit the road.  The one thing I noticed was just how much wind resistance my rain gear added compared to just wearing a jersey and shorts.  I'm glad that I rode yesterday as it reminded me that with some appropriate gear, riding in heavy rain isn't so bad.