One of my favorite - if not the most favorite - aspects of DevCentral is the remarkably global mix of the community. Any given month, we see visits originating from over 150 different countries around the globe (quiz: without using Google or a PC, can any of you actually recite 150 different countries from memory?! I didn't think so... )

As I was looking over some of the registrations from just one recent 24-hr period, I started thinking it would be cool to lay them out on a map. Here's what a snapshot of a recent, random 24-hr period looked like. Note the color-coding of the markers and the key to which time period they represent. Times are Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8:00). (note: this is not meant to suggest this is the total percentage of distribution because I KNOW there are smart people doing exciting work in other places that didn't happen to appear during this 24-hr period... places like South Africa, China, Latin America, Germany, Finland, Russia, Taiwan, and more...)

While the normal "work day" as it follows the sun is evident (i.e. virtually all of the Australian and Asian registrations were in the 2pm-8pm timeframe), I was pretty surprised to see some night owls amongst the bunch. (OK - seriously? Not really. It IS cool to see folks out there burning the midnight oil and registering for DevCentral at midnight... 2am... or later in their respective timezones.)

At any rate, welcome new members! And, thanks all existing members for making this community so fantastic!