When I was a kid, I was known to everyone as "Joey". This worked for me in grade school, junior high, and even in high school. But sometime between Senior year in high school and College I lost the "y" from the end of my name and I just started going by "Joe".

You may remember BIG-IP's younger sibling 3-DNS from the version 4.x days. Well, little 3-DNS has grown up as well. With a full migration to our TMOS Architecture, 3-DNS deserved a new moniker. So, without further ado, here's introducing:

BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager

A ton of information can be found on its website.

For those who don't know what a Global Traffic Manager is, here's a blurb from our recent press release:

The BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager (formerly known as F5’s 3-DNS® Controller) distributes end user application requests according to business policies and datacenter and network conditions to ensure the highest possible application availability and scalability.
Oh, and not to be left in the dust, little cousin Link Controller did a little growing up and is fully integrated into TMOS as well.
The BIG-IP Link Controller seamlessly monitors availability and performance of multiple WAN ISP (Internet Service Provider) connections by intelligently managing two-way traf?c ?ow to a site, providing fault tolerant and optimized Internet access.
You can check out information about BIG-IP Link Controller at it's website.