Our folks in IT equipped me with RIM's latest version of the BlackBerry yesterday, the Bold.  Here are a few thoughts after almost 24 hours using the unit:

Things I like:

  1. It should work in Japan (and S. Korea).  I'll be heading there soon and will be able to test it out. Hopefully I will have no more crushed hopes after turning on my old unit whenever I got there just in case something had changed only to confirm that it still couldn't connect!
  2. WiFi connectivity.  Pretty much everything except voice traffic flows over WiFi once you've enabled the service and defined the networks you want to connect to. Sweet.
  3. The screen.  Same caliber as my iTouch - fantastic!
  4. A bonus thing I like - the ability to view and edit PowerPoint files.

The things that are on my watch list are:

  1. Battery life.  3G+WiFi+Bluetooth+nice screen are sure to suck the life out of the battery fairly quickly.  Will see how that goes.
  2. Size.  It's a little larger than previous versions.  Neither a positive nor negative for me yet, just different.  It still fits in my pocket.  I can't bring myself to wear it (or any previous version) on my belt with the holder that comes with it. Maybe I'm still scarred from seeing kids wear calculators on their belts in high school. 
  3. The unit locked up twice today when enabling WiFi connectivity.  Power cycling resolved the issue and it's been fine since.

I should have some time to explore the unit a little more in the next week.