RSS is a curious thing. I've found people either love it or hate it. For the most part, I still really like content on the web delivered in it's original format. However, I continue to come around the elegance and power of RSS. Here's an example: when you're stuck at an airport with a little time to burn, it's really nice to be able to access your Google Reader client on a Blackberry and catch up on your favorite blogs and feeds. And, using a decent reader is virtually essential if you track as many different blogs and news sources as I do.

On DevCentral, we make a point to help you have it your way. One page not often mentioned is the "Syndication" page. Here you'll find 42 feeds that make it easy to slice and dice how you track the latest on DevCentral. And, don't forget that you can - within the Forums - consume feeds by forum section if you wish.

There are many RSS readers out there. Even the major content portals can now consume RSS and render it. If you are on the go a lot, Google Reader is a great tool with support for browser and mobile devices.

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