Back in the saddle after a week-plus vacation in Sun Valley, ID. While there, I enjoyed some great time with the family, went on a couple rides (in case you were curious - YES - there is a serious difference between cycling at sea-level in Seattle vs. 5,840 feet of altitude), and had a generally good time on our annual trip to Ketchum, ID and the surrounding area. A few random observations:

  • People seem to think that ski resorts are only worth visiting in the winter for skiing/boarding. On the contrary, summer can be even better, with tons of things to do. Within 5 miles of town, there is incredible hiking, biking (mountain and road), and fly-fishing.
  • The 2006 US National Paragliding Championships were held leading up to and over Labor Day Weekend. It was awesome looking up into the ski at points during the Wagon Days Parade to see 40+ paragliders taking to the ski over Ketchum. Some were able to stay in the air, surfing the thermals, for over 5 hours...
  • Wagon Days Parade is a site to behold. The largest non-motorized parade in the west, this event features some pretty cool wagons, a number of "outlaws", and everything you could ever want from a truly "western" cowboy event.
  • The Sun Valley Collector Car auction featured some pretty sweet rides. Where else can you bid on vehicles ranging from a 1960 Porsche 356 "T-5 Super" (High horse power) Coupe to a Tucker Sno-Cat (this thing was sweet - a little 2-seater in orange!)
  • The Felt F80 is a decent bike for it's price range. After riding it for about 30 miles, I felt it was a decent bike although the frame felt a bit heavy and a bit long in terms of geometry for me. For an aluminum frame, is was a suprisingly "dead" ride without the typical harshness. I'm assuming the carbon fork and seatpost helped with this. I'm biased - I'm one of the Specialized fans from F5. I think you can get more for your money from that maker. But, for sub-$1k, the F80 is a decent option. Chances are, you could probably find this bike for closer to $750 as part of an end-or-season sale.
  • I'm about 95% certain that Demi Moore drives a sweet white Porsche 356 Speedster.