I hit my post number 500 on the forums this morning! DevCentral has come a long way in it's short existence. We're closing in on 5000 members. We've just launched the first global iRules contest.

We are seeing customers doing some incredibly slick things with iRules and iControl. Want to build real-time Credit Card validation, that's going on in the forums right now. Want to cloak Social Security Numbers, check out the tech tip section.

We've received great feedback that DevCentral and the assistence our developers have provided. In case you weren't aware, DevCentral is run by the development staff here at F5 (aside from our PM Jeff who resides with Product Management). We foresaw the need for developers to be able to have a direct channel to our development staff which is something our competitors won't even touch.

We are always open to receiving feedback on anything you think would make DevCentral a more productive tool for you. Also, here's a call out for those of you who would like to be published on our site. We are always looking out for technical content. Feel free to post an article submission on our Docs and Tips page. If it's relevant, we'll publish it to the site.

BTW, there is nothing significant about the 500 dollar bill, it's just the only image with a 500 on it I could find on google images...