I'm posting this about 6 hours before the official release of the New and Improved DevCentral.f5.com. We've rebuilt the entire thing from ground up with the hope that it will enable us to adapt in the future and provide more relevant content for developers of F5 based applications. We've done our best to bring over the content that you all have come to rely on (forums, tech tips, downloads) and have added on some new ones (blogs, migration tools, *New* iRules content, ...).

Please let us know what you think of the site and what we can do to make your lives easier.

Before I forget, A special thanks go out to the people behind the scenes.

Jeff - Our awesome PM. Luckily he didn't submit his content in PowerPoint format B-).
Grant - Mr. "webdude" - The man who doesn't sleep. Thanks for the late hours and the data transfer...
Scott - Graphics god. Keep up those great logos and banners.
Me - Well, I'm not really thanking me, but I did build most of the site so I feel I should get a mention in there somewhere B-).

Any team of 4 that can (on part time) roll out a new dev site from start to finish in under a month deserves a big pat on the back.

Thanks all!