Back in the pre-dot-bomb days, my co-workers and I used to joke that a year working in the technology sector was more like dog years (i.e. 7 dog years for each human year). Fortunately, common sense has prevailed. We live in a healthier, more sensible world and maybe it's only like 3 years now. Companies that wanted to survive - and thrive - realized that in order to deliver quality and innovation, smart people had to sleep sometimes too.

But, it's still consuming. It's amazing to me how many people have their greatest ideas at 2am... or spend all-nighters to get a project done. Building great products and solutions - in any market - is rarely a 9-to-5 job.

That's what makes it so amazing to me that Joe Pruitt celebrated his 9th anniversary (9 years!!!) at F5 yesterday. He's touched virtually every product we've ever shipped. He's changed the market by architecting and creating iControl. There's simply not enough space to call out the many contributions he's made.

The best thing I can say is THANK YOU. And, I speak for many of us when I say that we are very glad we're on the same team. F5 - and our customers and partners - are better off as a result of your long hours and timeless commitment to doing great things.

If Joe's helped you in the forums... or with cool source/samples... or an interesting blog post, let him know with a comment!