I spent the past 3 days in Las Vegas attending the 2006 Networld + Interop Show. The show went well for us - we were really busy and had tons of great meetings. Since I had recently been to Microsoft's Mix 06 event, it felt like I was "over-Vegased". I've always thought that unless you are retired, in the gaming industry or in show business, that there is some sort of immutable law that goes something like "No human can endure more than 72 hours in Las Vegas. After that period of time you will suffer some sort of permanent damage - physical or mental".

I think that I need to update that rule to reflect how many 72 hour periods you can safely be exposed to within a certain amount of time and not incur damage. We all know that Las Vegas is not exactly the fitness or health capital of the world. Where else do you get offered "smoking optional" hotel rooms and have access to workout facilities be priced high enough to act as a disincentive to use them?

With that in mind, the other thought that this trip brought up is about clothing sizes. Did I miss the announcement that there was a shift in sizing standards? When did what used to be labeled "large" become labeled "medium" without the physical dimensions changing? I've asked other people about this and they all agree that there has been a shift. If a size large shirt used to fit nicely, now when you go to a store and try on a size large, you swim in it and need a size medium instead. If this has actually occurred in the clothing industry due to our nation becoming less fit, it is the worst possible solution.

I'm jumping on my bike to go to work.