I am just getting started with this blogging for F5 bit (I've been blogging about the trials and tribulations of life as an expat for almost 2 years).   I find that blogging for my friends and family and blogging for F5 are quite different.

First off with our corporate blogging we look to include our posts at other sites like Technorati part of that process is setting up a profile and claiming your blog.  This requires an obligatory post so here goes:

Technorati Profile

Secondly, with my DevCentral blog I am more concerned with making sure the content I post is relevant for our readers.  If my friends and family don't find a blog posting timely and relevant who cares but I find myself putting much more thought into what to say here. 

The one thing that is the same is the guilt I feel when not posting for a period of time.  I leave on Sunday on a photographic training holiday and will not be bringing my laptop with me nor will I have access to my Blackberry.  Immediately from there I head to our annual sales conference.  This means there will be a 2 week hiatus in the Acceleration ABCs and other blog postings, unless I can manage to borrow a laptop and some time at the sales conference.