As Jeff posted this morning, we’re well into our DevCentral MVP Summit here in Chicago.  During one of the challenge solution reveals, Matt Cauthorn (yes, THE Matt Cauthorn) showed a bigpipe command that I really wish I knew about years ago.  Actually, the command isn’t new, but range ability within the command is what caused the jaw to hit the floor.

[root@kitchensink:Active] config # b pool newPool { members 192.168.{1..2}.{1..3}:80 }
[root@kitchensink:Active] config # b pool newPool list
pool newPool {
   members { {} {} {} {} {} {}

I’ve written scripts in perl, python, & tmsh to do this with for loops, but wow, I had no idea you could use ranges in bigpipe.  Thought I’d share…

Update: I had an error in the syntax above, I used parentheses instead of curly braces.  Fixed inline.