"Hey, this line's pretty long, isn't it?"

"Yep, been backed up like this all day. Only a few of us are getting through at a time. It's pretty ugly."

(Looks at watch) "Wonder if I'll get there on time, I've got a deadline to meet"

"Don't count on it. Watch as those ahead leave the line and come back later. Only thing is, then they start over, and the line is getting longer, not shorter."

"Why are they carrying a body up there?"

"Have to keep its place in the line. It's a standard we all agreed upon, carry the expired along with us. No worries though, every one of them that passes its time means we'll get up there faster, because they don't have to get in, just have to be checked to make sure they're really expired."

(looks at watch) "Man, this is taking forever."

"I've been here most of my life, and I'll likely die in this line. What are you complaining about?"

"Wait, what's going on up there? It looks like they're splitting the line up!"

"Oh my you're right, they've added processing points, we might all get in!"

"Look, the line is being split into five!"

"Now I know we'll all get in. Thank goodness, I was truly worried I wouldn't make it."

"Look at everyone streaming out!"

"Yep, those are ones being sent back to let everyone know we got here okay. You didn't see them before because so few were actually surviving the backed up line."

"And there, on the horizon, what is that?"

"That big red ball? I dunno, let me see.... It says "F5" on it." (shrugs)

"Whatever it is, it appeared at the same time as the lines split. Well, I'm being called over to that short line by the guys with that same ball on their shirt."

"Good luck, hope you find your place!"

"I will now, I'm sure of it."

(turns and walks to the short line, passing people headed away, all going "Ack Ack Ack...")


Sorry, it's one of those weeks. Hopefully it helps someone understand load balancing, but if not, hopefully you got a laugh.




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