"There's nothing wrong with waking up that late", I said to myself. "It's only been 10 hours since you fell asleep, that's not TOO bad.." the voice in my head continued. Here I was, crawling my way out of bed and shuddering when the clock glared its menacing face in my general direction. With absolutely no regard for my pleading it refused to relent in reminding me that it was, in fact, 2:38PM, and I was just now waking up.

It's not that I make a habit of sleeping in for the better part of the day on the weekends, at least not since I was 15. It's just that, well, I couldn't help it. Somewhere between the well over 40-hour work-week, the multiple 3+ hour practices with the band in the evenings and the two shows we played back to back Thursday and Friday night I had managed to go and wear myself out. What a pansy, eh?

It wouldn't have been so bad, really, if it weren't for the fact that the Friday night show didn't end until nearly 2AM. I hear what some of you are thinking. "2AM? That's no so bad, that's when the bars close, we've all done that before!". Those are the same people who have obviously not played until 2AM and had to stick around to tear down the setup for a 6-piece band, haul the gear to the vans, negotiate with the manager to get paid by the venue, shlep all the gear back to the practice space, unload it, and then start your trip home. This reminds me ::MentalNote:: Keep the iPod and Geek toys for Christmas, I want a roadie, damnit.

Since I arrived home at nearly 4AM and didn't really fall asleep until almost an hour later, I guess I shouldn't feel completely worthless for sleeping in so late, but it sure is hard to convince myself of that.

In other, more interesting news...we're currently in the process of judging this year's iRule competition entries, and I'm enjoying the process of going through to see what you guys have come up with. It's always great to see people get involved, and I'm constantly impressed with the kinds of things this community can create. I'm already looking forward to getting blown away again next year with the entries you can come up with. ;)