No, that's not spelled incorrectly, at least not when the sun we're talking about isn't Sol, but Sun Microsystems. Sun has announced it is working on Project Flair, an open source alternative to AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML).

"It's a self-supporting Web programming kernel that's all written in JavaScript," Ingalls said when interviewed during the Sun Labs Open House event in Menlo Park, Calif. Small and simple, Flair presents a "great vehicle for experimenting with [what] I guess what you would call, sort of, collaborative object development, that kind of thing," said Ingalls.

"It’s sort of almost an opposite approach to AJAX," leveraging a multi-user whiteboard concept for development, he said.

I can't even parse that statement. Seriously. Opposite is one thing, but multi-user whiteboard concept for development? That almost sounds like Sun is attempting to apply social networking concepts to the development process, doesn't it?

That would be...interesting, and that's all I'm gonna say about that. (I'm fairly certain I would be forever rendered speechless if the word "interesting" was removed from the English language.)

The real question I have considering Project Flair is how committed does Sun remain to its participation in the Open AJAX Alliance and its work on the Dojo Toolkit given its work on an "alternative" solution?

Cause I'm pretty sure that "alternative" means "competing" in marketing-speak, and a house divided cannot ... well, you know the idiom.

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