Wired delivers an article that has a truly shocking image.  Make sure you read the text in order from smallest to largest.  What a great way to give a perspective of the kind of data that we're processing these days. That's a lot of bytes!

I remember when downloading a 3 Mb file took "forever", and browsing the web I'd get really annoyed at how many images many pages forced me to load.  Okay, I still get annoyed at that one, but that's not their fault. With the pipes getting bigger and the technology ever advancing, we're pushing more and more data for average connections to just about anything these days. That doesn't even take into account all the new ways we're using bandwidth and pushing data since a decade ago: online radio, online gaming, myspace, youtube, etc.

It's amazing to think that F5 boxes sit in the middle of lots of the fabrics of the clouds doing all of this computing at different companies around the world. It really is a feeling of being part of something major; a next step if you will. Pretty cool stuff, really.

Just thought I'd share on a Tuesday afternoon, as it made me grin.