Knowledge is power in many situations like developing an acceleration strategy or choosing which candidate to vote for (sorry just couldn't resist making a reference to the U.S. presidential election - if you're a U.S. citizen please take some time to vote today).  When it comes to acceleration there are many things that need to be known when choosing an acceleration solution.

  1. What are the primary applications that need to be accelerated?  Is the majority of traffic HTTP, FTP, CIFS or something else. 
  2. Where are my users coming from? Are users concentrated to a few large branch offices are spread out around the world?
  3. What percentage of my users are first time visitors vs repeat visitors?
  4. How often does the content change?
  5. What determines unique or customized content for users?  Is it a cookie, a query parameter or a database variable?
  6. Is my content dynamic or deterministic?
  7. How does the application perform on the LAN?  How does the application perform on the WAN?
  8. When does content need to be invalidated?
  9. How compressable is the content?
  10. What percentage of your users are using mobile devices?

The answer to these questions will help you determine whether you need asymmetric or symmetric acceleration and what type of acceleration rules and policies need to be applied.