Thanks to my colleague Sam for helping me come up with an M word.  I was going to talk about multiplexing but Lori beat me to it.  So instead of multiplexing m is for Mozilla.  Probably one of the most popular Mozilla projects is the Firefox browser.  Firefox is the second most used browser according to recent statistics posted by NetApplications

I read an interesting post from the folks over at HttpWatch discussing the differences in the way IE and Firefox handle caching directives.  The difference in the way browsers handle cache directives means that more consideration needs to go into what settings to configure on the server to ensure that users accessing the site with all browsers get a similar experience.  Instead of messing around with the server configuration an easier approach would be an F5 iRule that would automatically insert the correct header based on the browser type.  I'm no iRule expert so I will leave the writing of that to somebody else.  Any takers?