I'm sorry to say that sometimes acceleration does not come about quickly, it frequently takes time to fine tune the system.  While you can quickly set up a virtual server and pool on an application delivery controller there are many items that can be tuned to enhance performance.  Settings within the virtual server like OneConnect and Nagle's Algorithm can be enabled via a quick selection, while other options take a little more time like WebAccelerator

To set up the base configuration of WebAccelerator with a library policy takes about 5 minutes.  Not too bad and this provides some quick performance improvements, however there are some advanced options such as  invalidations and configuring rules for dynamic caching  which enable you to accelerate more of the site but this takes time to set up.  The majority of the time is spent in the planning and testing phase.  Without proper planning and testing unexpected behaviours might be encountered - you may end up inadvertently diminishing the quality of the user experience.  Don't rush the process and the results will be worth it in the end.