In the world of application delivery, who is the person in your organization responsible for the performance or acceleration of the applications.  Does the responsibility sit with the network architects or the application architects?

The consensus from people in the office today is that everybody is but nobody wants to take ownership of it.  In a recent article on Network World Robin Gareiss agrees and suggests the creation of a new position:

"What's needed is a single person whose title is director of optimization, or director of application delivery.  This person would be responsible for working with network, applications development and management, collaboration, telecom, and security teams."

Often times when I'm on-site with a customer I meet with representatives from both the network teams and the application teams as it is not possible to develop and test an acceleration solution without input from all parties.  The application team knows how customers use the application and how it should function, while the network team know the latencies and link speeds.