I’ve been pondering another installment in my Load Balancers For Developers series revolving around recent changes in the market that drive a trend toward availability of Virtual Load Balancers, giving developers an idea of what, when, where, and why they might take advantage of a virtual load balancer. There’s a lot of information floating around out there, and one of the things this blog will do is include some development-specific links in the list of related articles at the end. The primary goal of this article is to help you understand where and why, but since I try not to pimp F5-specific solutions too hard in this blog, the how part is included in the article links at the end. If you are an F5 customer, checking out the Tech Tips section of DevCentral will offer even more “how” information. If you’re not an F5 customer, ask your vendor about the how bit, as development and ADCs are still a relatively new combination, so each vendor has a different route to nirvana.

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