We're here (i.e. the entire DevCentral team) at the F5 annual sales conference. And, one of the best aspects for me is that we have the whole team together for a few days. It was really cool having dinner together tonight. The food was good. The drinks were decent. The wine was a bit young (or, "gamey", using Don's words) If we're lucky, Joe will post some Treo video.

Everyday, I feel quite lucky to be graced by the skills, experience, and exuberance of the DevCentral Team. So, spending time face-to-face is just a a treat. The pace of conversations and topics is remarkable. Hopefully we'll catch a little bit of that later this week in our podcast on-location here in Palm Springs.

Also - there is something special worth nothing. Tonight, after having dinner, many of us returned to the hotel bar to chat, share stories, etc. After watching folks, what struck me was this; F5ers share a special bond. Whether technical or business, we all get along. We all want to say "hi" to each other. We all share an enthusiasm that is - and I use this term selectively - remarkable. Seriously - it's remarkable. Words cannot explain it. It's a familial experience that is just quite cool.

After dinner, I saw our VP of Japan and I could tell he was fired up. I talked about the cool things we're doing with our Microsoft team and I felt the energy. I saw our financial team and they were hanging out, chatting, sharing an energy that comes from confidence and camaraderie. It goes on and on. After the work is done, we ALL just can't avoid talking more!

I keep bumping into folks from around the world that repeatedly say that the DevCentral Community is "where it's at". There's something special going on that seems to cross jobs and roles.

So what? Well, I'm fired up about this coming year. I'm lucky - the DevCentral Team has some cool things on tap. I can't tell you exactly what right now but... stay tuned. I'm also thrilled that the techical and business folks are connected. Folks are working together and it's going to make a difference for customers in significant ways.

More to come...