As a general rule, we spend far more time worrying about external appearances than we do internal. We are more concerned with our external web applications and how they look - and perform - than we are likely to regarding our intranet or internal only applications.

This blog post was interesting in that rather than encouraging folks to optimize web sites and improve end-user response time for web applications for the sake of the user experience, it focused on the relationship between page load time and impact on Google AdWords quality scores. Which is a bit different than the typical "you'll lose customers if you don't have a fast site" lecture.

quote-left By incorporating landing page load time into Quality Score Index calculation, Google is trying to improve user experience and as a by product increase the ppc advertisers conversion rate. They are hopping that because visitors do not abandon the pages because of poor web page load speed advertisers will get a higher return on their investments.

But what about internal web applications? You know, the ones customer service and call center representatives access when some poor hapless customers actually picks up the