It's been a while since I've been in the South. It's funny how some things came back almost immediately as fond memories. Even the heat and humidity felt comfortable from my years spent in Atlanta, so when I found myself in the midday New Orleans sun, it wasn't as bad as it would be for perhaps the average Seattle-ite with gills.

Today I arrived in The Big Easy to help put on the iRules course at our annual Partner Summit. This is my first trip to New Orleans, and as an avid jazz/blues fan I have to say I'm excited for more reasons than just getting to share the good word about iRules/iControl/DevCentral. I'm really hoping I get the chance to get out and check out some awesome music while I'm here. If I get to have some awesome food while doing it, all the better.

I'm even more excited because I get to be a co-presenter of some killer content (duh, it's about iRules, how could it be anything less?) with some really bright fellow F5ers, which should prove to be a truly hawesome experience. It's nice to feel so excited after having a little trepidation before coming down here.

It's not that I don't like to travel, I love it, I don't even mind the flying or the airports, it's just that when I get back I get to go under the knife for a minor surgery, and I couldn't quite seem to get that out of my head. Low and behold, though, this trip is proving to be just the thing for it. I'm having fun so far, even though I just got here, catching up with the other iRulers that I'll be presenting with, and generally relaxing and getting out of my head. That's a good thing, so yeah....awesome.

For any of you that might be attending, hope to see ya here! For those that aren't, I'll surely post more later.