On Wednesday of this week a woman who was riding her bike collided with a van when the van attempted to make a left turn in front of her from a side street.  Yesterday morning news came out that the woman died from her injuries.  She was wearing a helmet and witnesses claim that the van driver simply did not see the cyclist.  This is a tragic accident and additional awareness can help to reduce the number of cyclists who are injured or killed each year.

To give you an idea of the impact, imagine Michael Johnson, the world record holder to the 200m race, running top speed into a brick wall instead of through a ribbon at the finish line.  A cyclist travelling at somewhere between 15-20mph hitting an immovable vertical surface like a van would yield a similar type of violent deceleration.

As a cyclist, I try to be visible and predictable on the road.  Most motorists are courteous but while on your bike you really notice how many drivers are distracted (cell phone), not paying attention, wearing headphones or otherwise not putting themselves in a position to notice things around them - like me on a bike.

It turns out that one of the people works works here at F5 was driving right behind the woman cyclist when the accident occured.  A news crew from King 5 - a local television station came by to interview cyclists to get our perspective of what it is like to commute in Seattle these days.  The team here brought up lots of good information some of which is in the piece but most of which is sitting on the digital equivalent of the cutting room floor due to time constraints.

Here's a link to the news segment that aired yesterday:  http://www.king5.com/sharedcontent/VideoPlayer/showVideo.php?vidId=91244

Ride safely out there and if you're driving, please keep an eye open for people sharing the roads on their bikes.