The future of application performance management is in real-time visibility, action, and integration.

imageFor a very long time now APM (Application Performance Management) has been a misnomer. It’s always really been application performance monitoring, with very little management occurring outside of triggering manual processes requiring the attention of operators and developers. APM solutions have always been great at generating eye-candy reports about response time and components and, in later implementations, dependencies on application and even network infrastructure.

But it has rarely been the case that APM solutions have really been about, well, managing application performance. Certainly they’ve attempted to provide the data necessary to manually manage applications and do an excellent job of correlation and even in some cases deep trouble-shooting of root-cause performance problems. But real-time, dynamic, on-demand performance management? Not so much. AppDynamics, however, is attempting to change that. Its focus is on managing the performance and availability of applications in real-time (or at least near-time) and it does so across cloud computing environments as well as internal to the data center.