If you read my previous post about the “World Is Flat” (or the book), you'll know that these thoughts actually are related...well, maybe not the dogs.

On one of my trips to China, I marveled at how apples were individually wrapped in protective bags while still growing on the tree.  The amount of labor required to do this would be unheard of in north america.

I spent this past week on vacation at Lake Chelan, Washington which happens to be a big apple growing area.  Here are some observations I made while biking around the area:

While Mexican and Central American labor dominates, it's becoming more common to see Chinese labor imported to pick apples.

Apple orchards are being replanted with vineyards - many that were apples last time I was there are now grapes.  Is the area destined to do something else with the farmland?

The dogs just before mile marker 5 on the way up Winesap Rd to the Echo Valley Ski Area are particularly hard to outrun on your bike.  The big one gives up before the smaller ones do.  On the downhill, it's easy to get past them @ 35-40 mph with the element of surprise working for you.

Chinese apple production surpassed US production in the early 1990s and quadrupled in volume by 1997. 

I wonder how close tourism and agriculture are in revenue generation for the region?