One of things I like best about F5 is that we're big on proving it. This may seem like a foregone conclusion but you would be surprised at how many companies launch "Initiatives" with a fancy press release and then spend the following 12 months trying to build what marketing concocted on a whiteboard. I think most of us inherently believe this: what good is announcing something if you can't use it? Seriously.

That's what makes this Application Ready stuff so cool. You can get it now . Our engineers in the Tech Center invest the time to test the best configurations for our products deployed with specific applications (in this case, Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 and Exchange 2007). They save you the annoyance and time spent having to do it yourself. No more guesswork. It just works.

Are there potentially some hiccups you might experience? Possibly. But, the fact that F5-experts used their time instead of yours is a pretty sweet deal.

I don't mean for this to sound like a marketing blurb. I just think it's refreshing to see and it makes me proud to know that my peers at F5 are building highly useful stuff for you. No fluff. No promises that you see something... someday. Simply stuff you can use to make life easier.

BTW - if you have questions about this stuff, be sure to visit the Solutions Forum here on DevCentral. Many of the team responsible for actually building and testing these solutions are listening...