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Published in 2019

21-03-2019 DevSecCon Singapore Survey Results and Trip Recap
20-03-2019 Authenticating Kubernetes Demo
18-03-2019 Real Attack Stories: Bank Gets DDoS Attacked
14-03-2019 Support Your Local User Groups
11-03-2019 DevOps Explained to the Layman
07-03-2019 Release Notes: F5 Cloud Services
06-03-2019 HTTP/2 Protocol in Plain English using Wireshark
05-03-2019 Mitigating Ruby YAML.load Universal RCE Deserialization Gadget with BIG-IP ASM
27-02-2019 Authenticating Kubernetes
24-02-2019 Drupal 8 REST Module Remote Code Execution (CVE-2019-6340)
21-02-2019 Deploy BIG-IP in AWS with HA across AZ’s - without using EIP’s
20-02-2019 F5 Meet-up With The Load Balancer Crew
15-02-2019 2019 DevCentral MVP Announcement
14-02-2019 iControl REST Cookbook - LTM policy (ltm policy)
12-02-2019 Using the Python SDK with the Flask Web Framework
07-02-2019 Real Attack Stories: DDoS Against Email Provider
07-02-2019 Devopsdays NYC Survey Results and Trip Recap
30-01-2019 Troubleshooting Kerberos Constrained Delegation: Strong Encryption Types Allowed for Kerberos
25-01-2019 Lightboard Lessons: Be Ready...DNS Flag Day is Coming!
23-01-2019 State of Application Services 2019: Cloud and DevOps influencing NetOps
21-01-2019 F5 Rules for AWS WAF - Rule ID to Attack Type Reference
18-01-2019 Creating iRules LX via iControl REST
16-01-2019 Mitigating Fortnite Vulnerabilities with BIG-IP ASM
15-01-2019 Lightboard Lessons: Choosing Strong vs Weak Ciphers
11-01-2019 F5 SSL Orchestrator and FireEye NX Integrated Solution
09-01-2019 Lightboard Lessons: What is a TLS Cipher Suite?
09-01-2019 F5 SSL Orchestrator and Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) Integrated Solution
07-01-2019 F5 SSL Orchestrator - Symantec DLP Integrated Solution
04-01-2019 Syncing F5 APM Policies Across Cloud Regions or Datacenters
02-01-2019 DNS::question name - Modifying a DNS Suffix When Your Windows Client Appends It During Recursive Lookups