So you've all seen and heard of them before. You've probably played them, and who knows, you might have even dealt with them in an interview setting. I happen to like them, and I was just shown this one, so I figured I'd share it with everyone else as well. What am I talking about? Why, logic games, of course.

Sometimes they deal with marbles or numbers or a plethora of other things. This one deals with a Rose. Well ok, it deals with dice, but it KIND OF deals with a Rose. Well not really, but it''ll see.

I won't go into the rules explanation too much, as the site has all the info you'll need. It also has a really great story about Bill Gates and the early Microsoft gang playing this on their way back to Albuquerque way back in the day that's worth checking out. It's a good story, and it helped me with figuring out the puzzle as well.

Some of these games require intense focus, some require thinking outside the box, some are just so off the wall it's hard to pin down what they're asking for. I like all of them in different ways, and this one was a good example of one of those categories. Which one? Well go find out. ;)

So, have you played Petals Around the Rose? Are you a Potentate? Follow the link and see for yourself...