We're virtually there! Figuratively speaking, of course. VMWorld kicks off Monday night, and F5 is just putting the finishing touches on everything we've got to bring along to the show (yes, that means trinkets, too).

What the heck are we doing at a virtualization show? Pshaw. We've been in the business of network and server virtualization for ... well, forever. Hey, 12 years is forever in this industry, isn't it?

vmworld_2008 We'll be doing a cool demo with BIG-IP GTM in the B-Hive demo, where we'll demonstrate global load sharing between virtual data centers, and Trace|3 will be doing another awesome demo utilizing BIG-IP LTM to do some cool virtual tricks.

Stop by our booth (#956) and discover the seven data center challenges to consider before going virtual, or just chat with some of folks and find out if your infrastructure is virtualization ready. Or check out our F5 ARX demo and find out how storage virtualization fits into the picture (hint: it's a lot more than just using virtualization in the name).

Not going to VMWorld? Still interested in virtualization and getting your infrastructure ready? Check out the virtualization solution center on f5.com and read up on application and data center virtualization and storage virtualization in your spare time. There's also great info on the virtual data center at The Virtual Data Center blog.


Want the scoop on what F5 folks will be doing, hosting, and demoing at VMWorld and other events? Just follow us on Twitter...

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