So I’ll bet you’re wondering where the updates have been?

I took on this little side project knowing it would be an “after-hours” and “as time allows” project.

I knew that we had some big projects coming like the BIG-IP LTM VE and others that I’m not able to discuss yet.

What I didn’t expect is ADS re-installs, hardware failures, new equipment (other than the ARX), etc. If I had, I would have gone with delayed broadcasting so you didn’t see all my wardrobe malfunctions ;-).

So those other projects – five of them that are big by my count – are tromping all over my free time, and thus the ARX install. Not bad planning on my part – except the part where nothing goes as expected and I know to pad my time – but just a fact of life/work.

The new Dell NAS is in place and a member of the ADS domain, the Seagate NAS is configured, and both are also accessible outside the ADS domain, so all is set. There are some inside-ADS issues with the Dell I have to work out, but they’re just ADS config, I’m pretty certain, so that’ll go quickly.

DellNAS2 DellNAS

Ohhh… Ahhh…. Lori and my new Dell PowerVault 3000 series, unboxed and ready to rack.

I just need to have some time to sit and get it all working as expected. I’m getting an hour here, an hour there, and that’s slowed me down quite a bit.

So unless something changes, my updates between now and Interop will be sporadic at best, since I’m going to skip from the blow-by-blow to the meat of the problem and only offer updates when I have something relevant to say about the ARX configuration and use.

So until next time, I’ll be busy, you should be too… And when I’m not? I’ll be pestering Lori about getting a Dell EqualLogic to do all that heavy lifting like hosting PDFs ;-)