After a couple of long weeks out for recovery (yay hernia repair!), it feels good to be back at it again here in DCLand.

It's crazy, though, how things stack up.  I was just chatting with the guys on the podcast yesterday about how much there is to catch up on. It's not just email anymore.  What's that, girl? The RSS feeds filled up the well? My god!

1300+ emails, 50+ voicemails, a slough of RSS feeds, tweets, Myspace messages and IMs to respond to...uh, yeah, I'll be done around New Years.  Emails and Feeds and IMs, oh my!

Anywho, just wanted to drop a note saying I'm back in action and you can start looking for those regular weekly drops from me again (Tech Tips, 20LoL, etc.) as well as the normal forum crawling I can't seem to stay away from. I can't figure out how to fit another cliche in there...oh well.