Well, after a bit of a scare with our newborn and more time off than I'd planned, I'm back figuring out what my priorities are. Like most organizations, if you're gone for three weeks priorities change and your project list grows.

But all was not lost work-wise, as Lori mentioned here, we talk about work lots when we're not working. It's not all-consuming, but we do enjoy what we do, so we don't avoid it like some people do.

I got some great ideas from our conversations that I'll be exploring as I have time, and I see that the community has been actively filling the (small) space I left by not being here. As always, you all rock. Thankfully, my team is an upright crowd and didn't make me flinch at all about being gone longer than expected. F5 is still a great place to work - and it's been more than a year now ;-).

I don't yet know what the team is up to or what I'll be up to - our team meeting, my first in a month, is today, we'll see what is going on, but I'm looking at the timeline for adding all of the updates to the iControl Wrappers, and making the Wrapper JavaDocs (which have been done for a while - sorry about the delay) publicly available in the next couple of days.

Since most of my time off was spent sitting in the NICU worried that my child would be one of the 20% that don't make it through his particular problem, I have to say I'm very happy to be back here and have him at home. Not the type of break anyone wants to take, and I'm ready to pour some energy into DevCentral. So you'll be hearing from me.



Reading: Operation World War Two, Massimo Torriani, published by Alzo Zero.

Imbibing: Water. Don't need caffeine after the last few weeks ;-).