May is national Bike to Work Month and this year we have 70 F5ers who are signed up for something called the Commute Challenge.  The Challenge is basically to ride your bike to work a minimum of 5 times during the month.

So far our riders have ridden more than 3,400 miles over about 250 round trips.

The response has been so good that we had to get additional bike racks installed to have enough rack capacity.

We try to make it easy to use alternative forms of transportation while working at F5.  Here are some of the things we do:

  • Bike racks are in our underground garage next to a manned parking attendant booth for added safety
  • We have lockers, shower facilities and possibly the best thing of all, towel service at our existing offices
  • The new facility that is under construction as part of our campus on Elliot Ave West will have a gym as well as more locker and shower capacity
  • We have a massage therapist on site twice a week that many of our cyclists take advantage of
  • Employees can receive up to a $300/month stipend for not driving a car to work
  • For the Commute Challenge:
    • Riding Day “Feed Zones”.  We’re providing an assortment of goodies such as energy bars, breakfast bars, fruit, energy gels, etc. for people who ride their bikes to work whether they are part of the  Commute Challenge or not.
    • “Biker Fridays”.  Each Friday in May we are also adding bagels to the goodies available to anyone who has ridden their bike to work.