I'm back in the office today, settling in and trying to get back into the groove after a long trip which is always a bit of a challenge. There are the 400 some odd emails to dig through and sort/delete/respond to, the internal requests to address, meetings to plan for, videos from my trip to upload and edit, and on, and on, and on. Among the many plates I'm trying to get spinning again are the simple things, the DC basics if you like. Things like forum posts, wiki review and Tech Tips. All extremely important things that are kind of the base for all the other slick stuff I get to do around here.

So as I'm trying to tally up what needs to get done, and prioritize things appropriately, I find myself realizing more and more just how much of these "basics" need to get done. That eventually leads me to a realization about how much time gets spent on all of the cool forward looking stuff that I get to do as part of this awesome team. Dealing with fancy iRule or iControl requests, sitting in on planning meetings for products and the like, etc. Things that are definitely important, but don't address the core of what's always made DevCentral great - a strong community surrounding docs, conversation about cool technology, and knowledge exchange.

So now that I've come to realize this, I'm working on re-focusing a little bit. It's really just a little shift in priorities more than anything else, but what I'm looking for is to make sure I'm hitting the base-hits, answering your questions in the forums, posting cool tech tips, adding regular blog posts about things you should know about that are going on here or elsewhere in IT, etc. These things are paramount to keeping this community growing and succesful and I realize it, and want to make sure I'm spending some more of my time doing those things. Not that I won't be doing all the other stuff I mentioned...just that I want to make sure not to put the basics on the back burner, that's all. ;)

Lucky for me there's an entire team of awesome people I get to work with that are driving the community like crazy, so it's not like this all rests on me by any means. I just wanted to share a bit of a personal introspective moment that I've had over the past week or so. Between traveling, getting back, and catching up on things in the office, I've had plenty of time to think and look at things with a bit of fresh perspective, which has been really good.

So there you have it, keep up the awesome work, you're growing the community by leaps and bounds in an awesome way, and I'm here to tell you I'm rolling up my sleeves a bit more and getting ready to dig in even more than before, right along with you. Don't be surprised if you see me responding to some old forum posts. They may still be useful to someone even if they're old, so I'm going to try and go all the way back. We'll see how far I get. ;)

Any requests for content, questions, comments, video requests, emails, IM messages, etc. are gladly welcomed, and I'll get to them ASAP.

See ya around,