iRuleDoYouv1Come one, come all to our third edition of the iRule. Do You? Contest.  For those that don't know, an iRule is F5's embedded packet scripting language allowing you to gain full control over how your applications flow across the network.

There are hundreds of iRules in our iRule CodeShare and thousands of them running out in the wild.  It's time for you iRule geeks out there to show us, and our community, your stuff.  Whether you are an avid developer or just someone who wants to dabble in new technologies, this contest is for you.

The rules are pretty simple:

01  Read the contest rules.
02  Write a working
03  Tell us about it by submitting it on our
Contest Entry form.
04  Goto 02 as many times as you want.
05  Sit back and wait for the judges to pick you as a winner and receive some awesome prizes.

We are judging on several criteria so don't worry if your iRule isn't the most complex.  Sometimes it's the simplest ones that provide the most value that will ultimately make it to the winners circle.  The entries will be judged on Business Merit (innovation, business value, and breadth of applicability) as well as Technical Merit (Elegance, Potential for extensibility, and Cool factor) so there are lots of ways to win.

As if the accolades of winning are not enough, we've sweetened the pot with some pretty awesome prizes, if I do say for myself.  How's a 17" MacBook Pro sound?  No, well then, how about a Canon 5D Mark II?  If you win the gold, you'll be taking one of these home with you.  There are also plenty of consolation prizes including a MacBook Air, Apple 30" Cinema display, HP TouchSmart, Amazon Kindle DX, ASUS EeePC, XBox 360, and even a bunch of iRule branded Flip Mino HD video cameras (I've got to get me one of these!). 

So, hurry up and get started submitting your iRules!