Like lots of others out there, I've grown accustomed to moving my Blackberry away from speaker phones, radios and CRT monitors when I don't want to hear the buzz that's caused whenever the device touches base with the network or you are about to receive a call.  Whenever I'm on a conference call (like our earnings call) I turn it off so it doesn't distract me or others from the matter at hand.

I've been through a few models over the past years and get great use out of the devices:

  • 7280 swapped as it had challenges connecting in Thailand for some reason other countries were fine
  • 7290 worked well but traded in for the new form factor for better phone features
  • 7100g much better as a phone.  Made my emails look like they were coming from someone that suffers from dyslexia.  Unfortunately this unit is buried under snow after falling out of my pocket skiing a few weekends ago.  Perhaps in the spring I can report how it survived the burial test.  We force all our units to lock after an inactivity timer and the person who administers our mobile phones and Blackberries used the kill feature to remotely wipe out the contents of the device. Thanks Patty!

All of the models have been "buzzers" for me.

Next go around it's back to the full QWERTY keyboard for me since we use email so heavily at F5.  Hopefully the newer models have addressed the buzzing issue.

Gotta go, speakers are buzzing