I'm still struggling on finding the right set of tools to help manage my multiple blogs.  I've tried several posting tools and have narrowed down to 2 that work for me.

1. w.bloggar : This is a great app that supports a large selection of weblogs out there.  My only problem with it is that I can't seem to get multiple weblog posting working with .Text.

2. PostXING : I just found out about this project as it is fairly new.  I definitely like what I see!  The UI is very intuitive and cross site blogging seems to work very well.  The only issue I've got with this one is that it's missing a spell checking feature.  Hopefully that can get worked in in the future.

As for viewing blogs, I've also tried a bunch of readers but have settled down with Newsgator due to it's Outlook integration.  Having everything in one place makes things so much easier to work with.

What apps do you find that you are most productive with?