In November I purchased a new home laptop - a Dell Latitude D830, loaded. The machine is great, and is the successor to the machine F5 provides for me - a Dell Latitude D820.

One night a couple of weeks ago, that brand new machine took a drink - an entire 20 ounce glass of water spilled across it while it was powered up. No, I wasn't home, yes, I left the glass sitting there when I left. And finally, yes, it fried the machine.

The bright side of this story is that Dell rocks. Even though this was not their fault at all, they replaced the machine for free - standard fare for their SMB customers. I bought through the SMB portion of their site largely because I wanted a D830, and look, I got the payout. Oh, and I keep my data (freelance writing, hobby sites, etc) on an external USB drive that is backed up regularly to our network, so no data loss at all. I received the new laptop Friday afternoon, less than a week after getting Dell involved.

So I had a week to go without a home laptop. My old one had been disassembled for parts and would not likely work even if we put it back together. My option? Use my work laptop for that week as double-duty. Not a perfect solution, as I had to use webmail and such. Not a big deal for a week, right?

For the most part, no. But I did notice one downside. One Friday night around midnight, I SSH'd into one of my servers to "just fix a little problem". While there, I had an idea for work. I was on my work machine...

Not to say I'm compulsive or anything, but at 4am I stood up, work problem solved, home server problem not solved, and all of the other things I wanted to get done that night left unfinished. And it was 4am and I wasn't in bed - not too late for me, but late.

I have done plenty of work outside of normal business hours, in an international economy with an IT job, you have to expect some of that. But I've never slipped from "I'm home, doing home stuff" into "I want to do this work" without thought so easily. Granted, both the issues I was working on were on Linux servers, so the thought "Hey! What if I..." came directly from looking at the problem on my home server, and I was on my work laptop, but still, it was kind of creepy.

How about you? Find yourself slipping over the home/work divide more these days, or do I just enjoy my job too much? And yeah, I felt good, like I'd accomplished something when I stood up at 4am. Of course, those friends on IM that I ignored didn't think I was so smart.

Of course, it is a two-way street. When my replacement laptop arrived on Friday afternoon at about 2:30 local time, I was pretty much done for the day. Of course I wanted to play with the new toy (and validate that all the customizations were included in the replacement - they were).


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Awaiting: Fourth child, any time in the next two weeks