I never thought I'd be saying I joined a book club. When you think of one I've always envisioned a bunch of housewives talking about Oprah's book of the month. Nothing I ever thought I'd be interested in as I'm mostly a mystery/sci-fi kind of reader.

We'll my boss suggested some of us pick a management related book to read and go over every month. I missed our first one but just finished this month's title of Peopleware. The round-up isn't until next week so I can't report on how the actual "club" part of this is going to go, but I can say that the book was very good. Get's you thinking out of the box about management styles and how to make your teams productive. I especially like the suggestion of sending you team on a cruise to allow them to "gel" together. Maybe I can get upper management to support this idea! Another topic of interest is that to build a good organization you really need to focus on the concept of a "community". This is what has been my goal with DevCentral and hopefully all you reading this feel a welcomed part of what we are trying to create here.

I'm going to use this blog entry as a place to track books I've read (related to management and software development). Does anyone have any suggestions of good ones to look into?


  • The Mythical Man-Month - by Frederick P. Brooks
    The classic book on the human elements of software engineering. Software tools and development environments may have changed in the 21 years since the first edition of this book, but the peculiarly nonlinear economies of scale in collaborative work and the nature of individuals and groups has not...
  • Peopleware - by Tom Demarco & Timothy Lister
    Peopleware asserts that most software development projects fail because of failures within the team running them. This strikingly clear, direct book is written for software development-team leaders and managers, but it's filled with enough commonsense wisdom to appeal to anyone working in technology.

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