It's funny how sometimes such little things can make such a big difference. I've certainly been reminded of that this trip. That and how deeply affected I truly am by music.

I'm currently sitting in the airport in Stockholm, waiting to board my plane to Brussels in about 20 minutes. I had a great presentation today with the folks (partners/users) from this region. There were some questions, some laughs, and overall I think everyone enjoyed learning about DevCentral, iControl, and iRules. I want to extend my thanks to everyone that attended and helped to put on this event, as I had a great time, and I'm always eager for a chance to spread the word.

This is just the start of my current European tour, and I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks wherein I get to make several stops to chat with folks about the technologies I chat about best. Now that I've gotten through today, I'm already mentally preparing for the next stop, the next talk, the next group of people. Who will they be, how will I get across to them how darn cool this technology is? Luckily it is so darn cool, I don't have to stretch too far to find examples to illustrate just that.

As part of this preparation, I find myself going over my day in my mind; recounting how the presentation went, continually honing and re-honing the tools to deliver the good word the best that I can, trying to do DevCentral and all of its amazing members justice. It's interesting to me though, that after I've processed most of the day's work, my mind keeps drifting, sliding back to the trip over here and the impact such a little change to my normal traveling routine had on it.

I find images of myself smoothly setting sail from Seattle to the subtle tones of Morphine's "The Night". The crackling drums kicking in on Muse's "Stockholm Syndrome" (I swear that's just coincidence...crazy) about the time I'd woken up for the third time, deciding to snarf down a power bar and the last of my water before tumbling deeply back into a much needed sleep. I especially recall grinning at the vibrant wording of The Raconetuers' "Hands" for perhaps the 4 millionth time since that album's release while staring in awe out over one of the most beautiful sun rises I've ever seen - like fire rising up over the cold Baltic Sea, truly amazing.

You'll note that my trip thus far has a soundtrack to match. That's because I finally joined the iPod equipped masses, with a purchase just before my trip. I dumped about 17GB onto the new 80GB device and have been absolutely loving having music with me in a portable form for the first time since I retired my last CD Walkman about Jr High. It's truly amazing how much being able to have the music I love with me anywhere I go helps to make all of those places just a little more inviting.

So as I sit here rocking out to Alter Bridge's latest offering, I have to agree with all those people who told me I'd love having an iPod. So far I couldn't agree more, and I don't see that changing. It's simple. It's fully functional. It sounds great. Battery life is fantastic. It's TINY in my pocket, but not too small to easily navigate. Perhaps my only complaint at all is that I have to use iTunes to manage the contents, but that's a small gripe in the grand scheme.

Anyway, more presentations in the coming days, Antwerp, Paris, Madrid...on and on. I'll keep you updated on how they go too, along with my obvious inability to keep myself from ranting about my rocking. I'm such a geek.