If you haven't visited the iRule CodeShare lately, you should

There are some great new community contributions from "wschultz" and "hoolio".

On the caching front, you need to see the cool ideas under "UsingIRulesToManipulateCache" including an iRule with a couple timers, one for Mac/Safari clients, as well as another for sites using MoveableType and TypeKey. Nice work!

"Hoolio", a long-time contributor, added some cool stuff related to setting a URI to lower case.

Special thanks to both "wschultz" and "hoolio" - great stuff, from members, that makes DevCentral an awesome community.

(Psssst... remember: sharing is easy. The more everyone shares, the more everyone benefits. So, if you've been sitting on a cool or even simple by highly useful iRule, post it to CodeShare.)